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Ministries Open 19 Members 2 Photos

* Please join this group if you would like to share an item and/or receive notifications when others are sharing something.

Christians are to be characterized by their loving care for one another (Galatians 6:10). If you have something nice you'd like to give to others in the church, here's the place to do it! Make a post with a thorough description and contact number. (We unfortuantely don't have the ability to add photos at this time. You can text them to folks who inquire.) Items should be in very good condition, worth more than just a few dollars, and FREE. (No sales, please.)

Once your item is taken, please edit the post to say NO LONGER AVAILABLE at the top (or simply delete the post). Once it is taken, you may want to create a NEW post letting people know it is no longer available. (Otherwise you may keep getting inquiries.) Remember that you can join or leave this group at any time. See the group "wall" for currently listed items.

Blessings as you SHARE what God has given you!