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Men's Bible Study - Mon PM
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I love the Lord Jesus Christ. And I love the men of our church. I can't wait to engage together in this men's Bible study as we take a biblical-topical approach to growing in our faith together.  -Chris

WHEN: Every other Monday (Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13, no meeting Dec 27), 6:30-7:30 pm

WHERE: Church facility

LEADER: Chris Rogers

MATERIAL:  Our current focus will be: “Men of God Who Lead.” The focus goes beyond being spiritual men to being spiritual leaders in the home, church, and community (workplace, neighborhood, etc). A leader is a person who has earned the trust of others and is able to positively influence them for Christ. This leader-standard of disciple-making raises the bar and challenges men to sincerely evaluate their sacrificial, Christ-like influence in the three spheres above.

As you can see by the graphic, part of my prayer is that we men will see with greater clarity the raging spiritual battle around us, the limited time we have, and the eternal ramifications. There is nothing new here. The battle and mission are still the same. In many ways, “comfortable Christianity” is coming to an end—surely God will use this for good. Increasing holiness and obedience to the Word are the game plan. God takes care of the rest.

I’m planning to lead off the study with a couple weeks of overarching perspective. But as we get into the detailed work, I’m aiming to find specific topics to task various men to speak on. I’m not interested in monologue for this meeting. This will be an interactive Biblical-topical time together, that engages the minds of the whole group, but still comes with clear direction from a prepared leader (versus an “off-the-cuff what-does-everybody-think” session). We will also devote time to prayer each evening, with us purposefully strengthening our ability to pray biblically.

My goal is to keep the meeting to one intense hour of discussion and prayer, as I know it’s a work night.

I also desire for this evening to complement the other men’s ministries, not duplicate them. We’ve got excellent verse-by-verse studies happening with Mark on the 1st Sat of the month, and with Mike Guthrie in the Wednesday AM group. I’d like this Monday night group to focus on pressing issues in men’s lives, such as: maintaining a clear conscience, a vibrant/effective personal and daily time in the Word, increased power and faith in prayer, a passion for sharing the gospel with others, a heart for serving in the church, a conviction regarding the importance of Christian fellowship, and last but not least--current affairs and specific cultural challenges. Yes, we will talk about issues like the pandemic and leading with love and courage.

Please pray that God will teach us to lead humbly and mightily as we follow Him.