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Pastoral Mentorship
Ministries Open 8 Members

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Pastor Chris and Pastor Enriko look forward to sharing what they're learning, learning from you, and growing together in the area of pastoral/teaching ministry. Whether you believe God is calling you to preach or teach, or you just want to learn all you can, we'd love to meet once a month with men to honor the Word of God and its glorious proclamation.

WHEN: Third Saturday of each month, starting Sept 18, 8:00-9:00 am

WHERE: Church facility

LEADER: Chris Rogers


  1. God's Saving Power in YOU: Ministry from the foundation of redemption
  2. The Preacher's Passion: Why are you even taking this class?
  3. The Heart & Life of a Preacher: Life outside the pulpit
  4. What It Means to "Preach the Word": Your "job description"
  5. How to Prepare a Sermon: "Nuts and bolts"
  6. How to Deliver a Sermon: Seeing and hearing what your audience is seeing and hearing