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Living Nativity
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Welcome to the Living Nativity page! This is the place to share feedback, testimonies, and PICTURES! Everyone can see the info here, but remember to "join" this class if you'd like to be able to contribute posts or pics! A big thanks once again to Dean & Gayle for their sacrificial and joyful leadership!

Wrap-up note from Pastor Mark... (Dec 8, 2015)

Our Living Nativity attendance was a record again this year with 2244 on Saturday and 2965 on Sunday for a total of 5209 which is 19.6% increase over last year.   We did run a little short on parking at Harbor Covenant on Sunday due to the large crowds.  We are thankful to the Lord for a safe event, good weather and no major problems.  I am also thankful for the work of our directors, the Shriners, as well as so many of our folks that made this happen as well as guests from other churches and the community.  We are also very thankful for our animal handlers who brought in their critters to share with us.

Grateful for your part in the nativity,
Pastor Mark